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HDMI Extender

HDMI Extender
This HDMI IP KVM Extender transmit HD signal up to 120m via single CAT 5e/6, resolution up to 1080P.
Not only breaks the transmission distance limitation of HDMI cable, but also save cost for you. besides, it is more convenient and flexible.
It extends audio & video signals up to 120m via LAN cable, can achieve cascading connection by the virtue of switch. It can also support one to many connection ( one transmitter can connect 253 receivers maximum). 
Meanwhile it is easy to to transmit HDMI high-definition signals by point to point, one to many, cascading connection.
It is widely used for computer teaching system, high quality multimedia display,video conference, computer, LCD plasma high-definition display hall, digital home theater, exhibitions, education, financial, scientific research and meteorology etc.
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