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HDMI cables with performance and appearance, which one would you prefer?

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HDMI cables with performance and appearance, which one would you prefer?

Issue Time:2020-08-25

HDMI cables with performance and appearance, which one would you prefer?

With the development of science and technology, various smart products are being updated. For example, the common HDMI cables in daily life have also undergone 2K, 4K, and 8K changes. The latest standard has been supported to 8K, even 10K, so many versions How to choose when buying wire? Today, Dtech will introduce to you the features of Dtech continuously upgraded HDMI cables! See which one you like more?

hdmi cable

1. Dtech HDMI 4K60Hz HD cable (DT-H001)


This HDMI HD cable supports 3D special effects 4K HD, simultaneous audio and video transmission, helping you build your own home theater, and you can experience the immersive excitement of 3D visual effects at home!


The wire body is made of PVC environmental protection material, the wire core is made of high-quality oxygen-free copper wire core, and the high-density aluminum-magnesium wire braided mesh shield + aluminum foil double-layer shielding truly ensures the safe and stable transmission of signal data. The plug adopts a gold-plated process to effectively reduce resistance and Anti-corrosion effect, more stable signal, non-slip bumps resistant to plugging, durable


hdmi cable

2. Dtech Cinematic Fiber HDMI Cable 4K60Hz Engineering Model (DT-HF503)


Dtech HDMI 4K@60Hz high-definition cable, the transmission bandwidth and rate can reach 18Gbps, the frame rate can be increased to 60Hz, and the transmission distance can reach 300 meters, which is much longer than the previous version. Snow, black screen and other phenomena.


The high-definition wire core adopts high-quality optical fiber core, with twisted all copper wire, light-speed transmission, to ensure signal transmission, and decoration and embedding do not have to worry about signal problems! The wire body is made of selected environmentally friendly PVC materials, delicate and soft, easier to wire, one-piece molding, flexible, compact and easy to store!


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