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"Overseas Chinese" as a bridge to create an era of Internet of Things——The leaders of the City Federation of Overseas Chinese visited the Dtech Company exhibition area in Guangzhou Expo

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"Overseas Chinese" as a bridge to create an era of Internet of Things——The leaders of the City Federation of Overseas Chinese visited the Dtech Company exhibition area in Guangzhou Expo

Issue Time:2020-09-07
"Overseas Chinese" as a bridge to create an era of Internet of Things——The leaders of the City Federation of Overseas Chinese visited the Dtech Company exhibition area in Guangzhou Expo


From August 28th to August 31st, the 28th Guangzhou Expo was held in Guangzhou Canton Exhibition Center. The Expo is a high-standard event, not only gathering high-quality exhibitors and trading groups from all walks of life, but also a large-scale comprehensive exhibition combining Chinese and foreign economic and trade, and it is a manifestation of global trade sharing and mutually beneficial cooperation. The exhibition attracted thousands of powerful exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

On August 28, the day of the opening ceremony, Bian Yong, party secretary and chairman of the Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Federation, and Lu Qiming, vice chairman and second-level inspector, visited the exhibition area of Guangzhou Dtech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a member of the Guangdong Returned Overseas Chinese Association, and Guangzhou Xin Mr. Xie Yu, the vice chairman of the Overseas Chinese Friendship Association and the general manager of the company, and the Dtech elites present warmly welcome the arrival of the leaders of the City Overseas Chinese Association, and Mr. Xie Yu explained in detail the development of the company, the operation situation, the exhibits and the social development, and shared Dtech's innovative technology and experience contribute to the strength of the overseas Chinese community for the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Guangzhou and overseas Chinese businessmen in the country.

Chairman Bian Yong pointed out that talents are the first resource for innovation and development, and it is precisely because there are a large number of outstanding enterprises, outstanding entrepreneurs, Chinese who have returned to start businesses and serve the country, and high-level returnees who dare to be the first and act vigorously. , Hard work and enterprising, demonstrating the era responsibility of the returnees and new overseas Chinese. The current economic globalization is facing a countercurrent, and entrepreneurs are facing unprecedented external environment and risk challenges. Federations of overseas Chinese at all levels must bear in mind the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions on “small and medium-sized enterprises can do great things”, and fully support and care for overseas returned overseas Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs. , By going deep into the enterprise and among the high-level talents of overseas returnees in various industries, focusing on practical problems, personally serving enterprises, tapping new potentials for the high-quality development of enterprises in our city and igniting new talents.

Guangzhou Dtech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise and overseas Chinese-funded enterprise, made a strong appearance at this year's Guangzhou Expo. At the same time, it presented a feast of the perfect combination of high-value appearance and powerful performance for exhibiting customers. The exhibition hall of Guangzhou Dtech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is full of style, displaying many high-end 4K/8K high-definition audio-visual cables, RS232\485\422 serial devices, network extenders, industrial converters, audio and video distributors, Converters, switchers, hubs and other industrial IoT series of new products and exquisite models not only show Dtech Electronics’ complete product line and leading technical strength, but also the innovation accumulation of the company’s twenty years of establishment, attracting many visitors on site Visit and consultation

During the visit to the exhibition hall of Guangzhou Dtech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. by the leaders of the City Federation of Overseas Chinese, they found that the elites at Dtech’s site treated customers with enthusiasm, seriousness and responsibility, patient and meticulous. The atmosphere on site was very warm and harmonious, which made customers deeply feel Dtech Electronics. Unique charm, strong corporate strength, and professional and high-quality services have been welcomed by more customers and praised by customers. The faces of everyone present show their desire for the Dtech brand. The strength of special electronics.

If it is said that the individual heroes who "single-handedly and smashed a bloody path" in the cold weapon era are worthy of admiration, in today's economic globalization, the spirit of cooperation of "sharing and win-win" is even more advocated.

Those who make great things know how to use force, but also how to use force.

Mr. Xie Yu, vice president of the Guangdong Returned Overseas Chinese Association and the Guangzhou New Overseas Chinese Association, said frankly: The global market has huge potential, opportunities and challenges coexist, and the development model of “closed doors” is not feasible. Facing the future global market, we will use the concepts of "innovation" and "cooperation" to jointly build an ecosystem and promote the vigorous development of the industrial Internet of Things industry.

The organizer of the Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Federation of Guangzhou Expo believes that Dtech Electronics is a high-tech enterprise with a group of high-quality technical management personnel, multiple professional automated production lines, leading technology and great development potential. This time to visit the exhibition area of Dtech Electronics, not only has a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of Dtech Electronics, but also strengthened the determination and confidence in the next step of cooperation and win-win. It is hoped that Dtech Electronics will provide higher-quality industrial Internet equipment based on its high technology level, promote more Dtech Electronics products to go global, and strengthen trade cooperation with more industrial Internet of Things enterprises.

The four-day exhibition is over. With full harvest and confidence in the prospects of China and the global economy, Dtech Electronics has decided to participate in the 29th Expo. By then, it will bring more innovative products and practice " The concept of "innovation" and "cooperation" help realize the "new era of industrial Internet of Things"


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