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HDMI Cables with Performance and Appearance, Which One Would You Prefer?

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HDMI Cables with Performance and Appearance, Which One Would You Prefer?

Issue Time:2020-09-25

HDMI cables with performance and appearance, which one would you prefer?

With the development of science and technology, various smart products are being updated. For example, the common HDMI cables in daily life have also undergone 2K, 4K, and 8K changes. The latest standard has been supported to 8K, even 10K, so many versions How to choose when buying wire? Today, Dtech will introduce to you the features of Dtech continuously upgraded HDMI cables! See which one you like more?


1. Dtech Cinematic Fiber HDMI Cable 4K30Hz Engineering Model (DT-HF557)


Dtech HDMI 4K@30Hz high-definition cable, the transmission bandwidth and rate can reach 10.2Gbps, the frame rate can be increased to 60Hz, and the transmission distance can reach 300 meters, which is much longer than the previous version. Snow, black screen and other phenomena.


The high-definition wire core adopts high-quality optical fiber core, with twisted all copper wire, light-speed transmission, to ensure signal transmission, and decoration and embedding do not have to worry about signal problems! The wire body is made of selected environmentally friendly PVC materials, delicate and soft, easier to wire, one-piece molding, flexible, compact and easy to store!

2. Dtech 8K HD Optical Fiber HDMI Cable (DT-HF800)


Dtech’s new 8K high-definition optical fiber HDMI cable has a resolution of up to 8K, which is 2 times higher than 4K. Support dynamic HDR, speed upgrade to 48Gbps high-speed bandwidth, truly realize the picture is smooth and smooth without jamming! The aspect ratio reaches 21:9, and you can enjoy the high-definition picture quality of the IMAX large screen at home!


In addition, the dynamic HDR technology brought by HDMI 8K60Hz is equipped with a wider 12-bit color gamut, which completely changes the visual delay, improves the brightness range of the display, and the improvement of the picture quality is intuitive to the naked eye, and the colors of the images we see are more brilliant , Give you unprecedented vivid color, perfect display to the highest quality.

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